Whopping turnout at Victoria Hall to discuss Budget (potentially library) cuts

Over 150 people turned up at the Victoria Hall to a Dunblane Community Council Meeting to discuss potential budget cuts.  Much of the audience concern was about library cuts, potentially due to recent press speculation.  Councillors stressed that no decisions had yet been taken and that the four of them present would be voting against library cuts in the debate on 29th Feb.

The meeting started by Councillors explaining the general process for scrutinising budget proposals put forward by each department.  They were not able at this time to provide any feedback from the Big Conversation exercise that took place last year.  They were asked to provide reassurrances that the data from the survey will be published before the 29th.

Many expressions of concern from the floor were about the library and Councillors reitterated the fact that no decisions had been taken.  Questions about where the books would go and the archiving service were also raised.  Some concerns about potential reduction in school hours were also raised along with ASN and nurture teachers..

In the second hour there was some debate around where potential efficiency savings could be made.  Some councillors emphasised the need to raise Council Tax.

DCC will be asking questions around SC's potential operating efficiency savings, revenue generation opportunities and other suggestions made from the Big Conversation.


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