Coder Dojo is launched in Dunblane


Coding for kids – it’s the future

On Saturday 20 January 2024, Creative Dunblane hosted a new CoderDojo, a coding club for young people.

Eleven young people aged 7 to 17 attended this inaugural event – three from Dunblane High School and eight from local primary schools - and there was a good gender balance! Many parents came along too, making the most of this lively community event

The Dunblane CoderDojo is being run on behalf of Creative Dunblane by local couple Jane & David Greenlee, assisted by two other volunteers Ian Davies & Peter Rennert.

‘To begin with things were very quiet’, said Jane ‘but by leaving time the place was buzzing! It was great
to see young people working together and learning.’

Following our successful launch event, CoderDojo sessions will be run every 3rd Saturday of the month in the Burgh Chambers. Bookings can be made around a week in advance of each session. All you needs is a laptop/tablet and head phones, if you have them, a charger (for the laptop) and a parent, if you are under 13. Details are available on the Creative Dunblane website CoderDojo |

And we do other work with Schools

Volunteers with Creative Dunblane’s Digital Makerspace project also work with school students from Dunblane High School – they go to the school regularly on a Monday afternoon, helping young people to learn how to design objects on the computer and then to print them on a 3D printer, a laser cutter or a CNC machine. The Makerspace is also developing a new initiative working with a local nursery school.

What is Coder Dojo ?

Coder Dojo is a free, volunteer-led, community-based computer club for young people. Anyone aged 7 to 17 can visit Coder Dojo and learn to code, build a website or create an app or game.

Dojos are a space for kids and teens to explore technology in an informal, creative, safe and social environment.
Creative Dunblane wants to help kids & teens realise that they can build a positive future through coding. We think that an understanding of programming languages is important in today’s world. It is easier to learn these computing skills early. Everyone should have the chance to learn coding. 

What is Creative Dunblane

Creative Dunblane is a local charity established to take over the town’s Burgh Chambers from the Council and meet the needs of the local community. Their first initiative was to set up Dunblane Digital Makerspace which was launched nearly 12 months ago and has 100 members.

Creative Dunblane plans to use the Burgh Chambers for a range of activities including co-working spaces, meeting rooms, a computer suite and artists’ pods.~

Just as they have created a new ‘community’ around the Makerspace, they hope to create a co-working community where local people, tired of working, from home can come together and support each other in convivial surroundings.

Email : Creative Dunblane on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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