Work on Beech & Stirling Roads starts in June

Projected view of Dunblane Station


Stirling Road "Access for all" project

The Allan Water bridge reconstruction nears completion.

Work then begins on the street layout along Beech Rd, Stirling Rd and the junctions with Perth Rd. It is anticipated that this project will commence in June and last for 6 months. While the bridge will re-open to vehicles, some traffic restrictions will remain in force during this period; details to follow.

One page plan summary

Project Background

In Early 2014, Stirling Council obtained funding from the sustainable transport charity SUSTRANS to improve the street layout on Beech and Stirling Roads. Since then they have been working with local residents, your Community Council, Dunblane Development Trust and Discover Dunblane to make the area more pedestrian and cyclist friendly. There has also been a focus on the needs of those with mobility difficulties, and vehicular access for station users, businesses and local residents.

A public consultation on concept plans took place in November/December 2014. Many of the comments received reflected a desire to get an environment that works well for all and been used by the Project Steering Group to finalise the plans. 

Summary report from consultation events

Expanded report from consultation events

Comments summarised in pie chart slide show

Comments made by consultation event attendees

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