Town Centre Survey Results to be Discussed on 18 and 20 February

Online Survey Feedback

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Join members of the Dunblane Charrette Steering Group to review what Dunblane folk think & help decide what happens next

Thursday 18th February 7 - 9 pm


Saturday 20th February 2 - 4 pm

Dunblane Charrette

Designing the future of our Town Centre

Following the 4 day Charrette event in April 2015, a report and proposed action plan has been produced. In January 2016 all people living or working in Dunblane were invited to provide their views on these action proposals through an online survey.

Full Charrette Report

Charrette backgound & outcome summary

 Spatial Concept Diagram 800x759 640x607 200x190 

A spatial overview of Dunblane Town Centre

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