Public Toilets in Dunblane



The two sets of public toilets in Dunblane have been closed for some time. Members of the Development Trust and the community council have held a number of meetings with local organisations to see what can be done to improve access to toilets for both locals and tourists alike. It transpires that the Kirk Street toilets by the Tappit Hen have now been sold; they are to be the offices of a local development company. The council has also received an offer for the toilets close to the Station at Bridgend.

In response to concerns expressed at a public meeting late last year and discussions since, the council has improved signage to the existing Comfort Partners - the Burgh Chambers, the Library and the Dunblane Hotel.

The council is also considering the suggestion made to them that the Burgh Chambers be opened at weekends when there are no toilet facilities available at the Cathedral end of the town. There will be more information soon.



Is this the future?

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