Have your say about Dunblane at the Fling on 27th May

DCC Fling 2


The survey aims to do 3 things:
⭐️1. Help inform the ‘Local Place Plan’ report for Dunblane (which Stirling Council is legally obligated to take account of for the next Stirling Local Development Plan).
⭐️ 2. Help inform the key initiatives that community groups will take forward to improve our town.
⭐️ 3. Help build evidence so that we can apply for grants to fund improvement projects.
Check out our website for more detail: https://www.thebigdunblanesurvey.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089893292295

This survey will gather the needs and wants of the residents on a variety of important topics to inform what is written in the Local Place Plan. These topics include:

  1. Housing

  2. Revitalising our town centre and villages

  3. Local economy and jobs

  4. Promoting tourism, heritage and culture

  5. Community events and income generation

  6. Public services, community support and facilities

  7. Public transport, roads and active travel

  8. Green spaces and biodiversity

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