Cycle Lanes Disappearing

Cycle lanes from the five ways roundabout to the Claredon roundabout are set to be erased.  This is thought to be a safety measure because of doors being opened in parked cars.  

Although some suggest that this route isn't particularly useful for cyclists given that there is no onward connection to Bridge of Allan from the Claredon roundabout, it should be noted that it includes the only bridge over the railway other than pedestrian bridges and is therefore key to cyclists travelling between the two halves of Dunblane.  Others suggest that the cycle lanes were a traffic calming measure to support the 20mph limit.  This theory certainly appears to be being given credence by the large cycles that are now painted right across the main carriageway that is presumabley still intended for use by cars.

This was discussed by Dunblane Community Council and Stirling Council at length on the 1st March.  They will publish findings in due course here :

Please let us know your views!
Calum Thomson 
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