Council consults on 'Spaces for People' proposals for Dunblane

Stirling Council has launched a public consultation for the Spaces for People initiative in Dunblane: :  


The Council would like to share the designs for the following package of measures that were proposed for Dunblane: (Please click the "Design" links to view)


1. Provide enhanced cycle parking in High Street (near train station/near newsagent/near postbox).

2. Introduce 20mph limit from The Cross and High Street roundabout (next to Gold Postbox) to Fourways roundabout, continuing until Marks and Spencer's on Stirling Road.

3. Install artwork on road next to High School to highlight pedestrian priority. Please note that during the design process we agreed that the installation of bollards would be more effective than the installation of artwork, which is reflected in the proposal. 

The designs will be installed in spring of this year, initially on a temporary basis for up to 18 months. During this time Stirling Council will be regularly monitoring and evaluating the project to ensure it is working as intended.

If it is shown that the project has longer term benefits outwith assisting in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and prior to the project being made permanent, there will be a statutory three-week consultation period as part of the Traffic Regulation Order process. In the meantime should you wish to comment on the designs, please do so in the accompanying text box.

It would be good to have a wide response to the consultation. The comments box can be accessed at : 

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