Police Scotland consultation

Views are being sought as part of Police Scotland's and the Scottish Police Authority's Consultation on their refreshed Joint Strategy - 'Policing for a safe, protected and resilient Scotland', which aims to set the future direction for policing in Scotland.

The strategy takes an outcome-based approach. The five strategic outcomes laid out provide a sharp focus on the key strategic challenges and opportunities facing policing and the wider public sector. Through ongoing conversations with the public, partners and their people, they have taken account of feedback provided so far, shaping the design and delivery of policing now and in the future, and considering the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Key areas of focus include:
Their purpose to keep people safe in both the physical and digital world with further development of the policing response to cyber threats and cyber enabled crime;
Prioritising the wellbeing, safety and protection of our people;
A renewed emphasis on partnership and pro-active prevention, including a focus on joint service design to tackle complex public safety and wellbeing challenges;
Embedding a policing service that is delivered locally, drawing on the assistance of national assests; and
Emphasising the action to address environmental and climate change issues.

A period of public and stakeholder engagement is currently underway and will run until 2 March 2020. They will be collecting feedback via the Citizen Space survey platform which can be accessed here:

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