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First Electric Train Arrives in Dunblane

The first ever electric train arrived in Dunblane last night having completed a full speed test run,.  Electric services to Edinburgh and Glasgow are due to start on 9th December with Dunblane being the most northerly station in the country to have electric services.  See the video from Network Rail :


New Timings

Haymarket Timetable  Haymarket - Best time 51 minutes

EDI TimetableEdinburgh Park - Best Time 46 minutes

Glasgow Timetable Glasgow - Best time 35 minutes

The new rail times for Dunblane commuters are dissappointing and the background is complex :

 - This timetable introduces the Glasgow-Cumbernauld-Edinburgh service which was intended to cover the stops at Linlithgow and Polmont.  In fact the Dunblane train is stopping there - this may be due to protests or maybe an interim approach.  These stops may be removed in May (next timetable change) which would improve timings.  This was supposed to be a mitigation to the removal of the 7.23 Dunblane Express.

- At the next timetable change again in May all trains on the line will be electric and have faster acceleration.  There will now be 12 trains an hour instead of 10 through Newbridge Junction, so reliability will be an interesting challenge.

Juggling the greater number of trains on the Central Scotland triangle has required focus on the citys eg Stirling and this has resulted in the strange scenario of a quicker train from Dunblane that needs to sit at Stirling for a significant number of minutes.

.From the Stirling Observer 21 November 2018



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Stirling Observer Picks up the Pink Benches Story !

pink 2

From Facebook : Dear Stirling Council, please bring back our benches!

#bringbackourbenches #pinkbenches

Nora GilfillantoDunblane Development Trust  I thought the pink benches were lovely - sad they have gone

Hamilton Rach Why did the go ??

Beth Boyd Hopefully to be repainted!!!!

Ann Robertson The volunteers spent a lot of time painting them. Maybe not to everyones taste but certainly colourful??

Alan Smeaton Why/who removed them? Does anyone have contact details?

Jane Stewart Disgraceful that after all that work the council come in & whip them away without a word & the cost? Council must have money to burn!!!!

Karen Patrick They looked great ..

Louise Owen #bringbackourbenches #pinkbenches

Nora Gilfillan I thought they were beautiful and fun - a change from black or dark green. It is the first time in my life that I ever stopped and took photos of park benches. (I’m glad I did) It was a lovely sunny day and they made me smile. With all the beautiful pink and purple flowers around they looked great .... in my opinion..... but then I love colour ??????????

Ros Walker Noooooooooo!

Helen Dixon Beautiful

Victoria Hall Dunblane people walking through this area will want to sit down and soak up the lovely atmosphere all year, not just in the summer. so hope Stirling Council bring them back soon

Margaret Lawrie Why have benches been removed and who removed them ?? Where they removed because someone didnt like colour - surely not - made you smile!

Arlene Lindsay Just like they need to bring back all the toilets too. A disgrace they havent got any now


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