Electrification Hits Dunblane

No-one would say that the pylons appearing at Dunblane station are beautiful, but they are an indication that the project to deliver electric trains to Edinburgh and Glasgow by December is nearing completion.  The electric trains are lighter (and don't carry tons of diesel), accelerate quicker and have more space.

The acceleration will speed up routes, but the biggest difference will be on the journey to Edinburgh.  Here, it's planned to have a new service from Glasgow via Cumbernauld to Edinburgh.  This service will handle Polmont and Linlithgow allowing Dunblane trains to skip these.  This allows quite a number of minutes to be knocked off as well as these from the faster acceleration.  Whilst the journey will definitely be quicker from Stirling, there are possibilities that timetabling challenges may mean a wait or change at Stirling for some Dunblane trains.  The Dunblane Express service will also stop.  The new timetable starts on 8th December and may see less direct peak time trains. 

The week's closure from 14th October is aimed to ensure that the work finishes on time for the new trains to be introduced in December.  The new trains are yet to all arrive from the manufacturers in County Durham and so stand in white electric trains (left)  will initially provide the Dunblane to Edinburgh service. Class365Class385

The brand new 385 trains will be phased in on the Dunblane - Glasgow service from December.  Timetabled journey time reductions will only be fully realised in May once all the new trains are introduced.  

Let's hope for faster commutes to Edinburgh and Glasgow from Dunblane as well as Stirling.

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