'Zero waste' shop in High St?

Coming soon to the High Street (with your support!), Weigh Ahead will be your local plastic free, socially conscious, social enterprise.

In the coming weeks Rosie Hunter will be setting up her 'dream shop' on the High Street of Dunblane.

Weigh Ahead will be a Zero Waste, Plastic Free, Sustainable Living, social enterprise offering all sorts of stuff for the conscientious shopper - with the emphasis on taste and much less on waste.

I was even told some of the really tasty morsels on offer will come from the happiest cows and chickens in the land.

This short film follows the survey which Rosie conducted to find out what people wanted to see and buy, with a follow up invitation to anyone who might want to be part of this exciting initiative by way of a Crowdfunder

More detail on this to follow SOON from Rosie ??

Watch the Weigh In video

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