Rail Closures and Replacement Bus Services

 Rail Closures : Dunblane Community Council has been working with Scotrail to sort out the replacement bus services for the ongoing electrification scheme which is going to run for many months.  Until December 9th there are no trains in the evenings from Sunday to Thursday between Polmont/Croy and Dunblane. This affects both the Dunblane/Glasgow and Dunblane/Edinburgh trains. In reality the works are likely to last much longer than December but this has not yet been advertised. There is also full line closure on occasional weekends.

Replacement Buses from Dunblane : Until Monday 23rd October, replacement buses will run from the Tesco car park. From Monday 23rd October, the buses will run from the Victoria Halls area rather than the Perth Road as was the case up until last weekend. Scotrail has promised to update websites and notices.

Scotrail provides information on the line closures at: https://www.scotrail.co.uk/plan-your-journey/engineering-works

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