Feedback from the Dunblane Community Summit held in February

Working Together For Our Community

Public Note of a Community Summit about Dunblane 2017 to 2020 

Held on 20 February 2017 between 7.30 and 9.00pm at the Braeport Centre.

Dunblane Community Partnership (DCP) – formed of Discover Dunblane, Dunblane Community Council and Dunblane Development Trust representatives - invited local community organisations to respond to the draft Community Action Plan Dunblane 2020, developed from the Town Centre Charrette. A new project to enhance the historic centre of Dunblane was shared by Amey Consultants to gather feedback as part of a feasibility study.  Terence O’Byrne chaired the gathering.

Draft Community Action Plan Dunblane 2015 to 2020

Barbara Allan described the vision as ‘The Dunblane community wants the Town Centre area to be a vibrant, healthy and inclusive place for people to live, work and visit’ before outlining the 5 themes in the draft plan:

1. A Vibrant and sustainable Town Centre for people and community activity
2. An Accessible Town Centre.
3. A Town Centre that Capitalises on its Natural and Built Heritage
4. An Inclusive Town Centre that supports Community Cohesion
5. A Town Centre that meets the Future Needs of the Community

Those attendingt the Community Summit discussed success stories and possibilities for partnership working across Stirling City Region. Needs of the Dunblane population growing older was considered.   Views about Streetscape Stirling Road were shared. 

Cathedral Square Feasibility Study

Drew Millar reported Amey’s role in developing proposals which enhance the historic setting of the Cathedral whilst improving access for pedestrians and cyclists. He emphasised that design ideas are still evolving and that there would be two stages of consultation – the first with those residents, businesses, churches who are in the immediate vicinity of the study area and the second with the wider Dunblane public.  The study is due to be completed by the end of May.

Communication and Joint Working

Tim Hughes facilitated a discussion on local participation, communication and joint working.  It was agreed by individuals gathered that it is important to have a multi-channel approach to communications and engagement.   

Summit Actions

DCP listened and generated actions that the Summit believed the DCP should take:

1. To host the next gathering on Youth Volunteering in Dunblane in May 2017

2. To develop a parking strategy once enforcement operations are underway

Elaine Hopley, 45, from Dunblane in Scotland, arrived in Antigua on Sunday having spent nearly two months at sea competing in the 2,000 mile Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Her time of 59 days, 19 hours and 14 minutes makes her the fastest woman to cross the Atlantic solo in the 30-year history of the race, dubbed the world’s toughest row.

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